Because It Matters is a global, youth-led initiative comprised of high school and college students that are passionate about raising awareness and initiating change through writing, especially regarding lesser-known (but very important) world issues and concepts. Why? Because it matters.
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Maya, Co-Founder & CEO
Maya Bar, co-founder of Because It Matters, is a rising junior. When she is not rushing to finish a position paper for MUN, Maya can be found frantically studying before the upcoming math test (there is always an upcoming math test). In the rare moments that Maya is not (1) paralyzed by school stress or (2) staring silently into the beyond, she likes to paint, read political analysis books, and binge-watch The Office.
Anne, Co-Founder & CSO
Anne, co-founder of Because It Matters, is a rising junior who enjoys swimming, MUN, FBLA, and Key Club. In the rare free time Anne has, they can be found reading drama Webtoons on their phone or obsessing over their favorite Kpop group. Anne hopes young adults can be inspired to take action and make an impact because of this innovative project.
Audrey, Head Editor
Audrey is a junior at Eastlake High School. An avid robot-builder, video-producer, researcher, and poetry-writer, Audrey finds joy in storytelling, in whatever form that may take. She is a 2021 delegate to the American Junior Academy of Science and a Shakespeare fanatic. Through Because It Matters, Audrey hopes to bring light to the erased, the misinterpreted, and the untold.
Leo, Cinematographer
Leonardo Ribeiro de Brito is a junior at Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, WA. Leo enjoys editing music videos and teaching Tae Kwon Do when he's not working on HOSA projects or AP class homework. He hopes to bring a strong voice to the Because it Matters team and use this opportunity to learn more about crucial societal topics and issues.
Lucy, full-time writer
Lucy is a rising junior at International Community School. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, swimming, running, learning, and reading. She wants to be a future surgeon and is excited to learn/write about stigmatized/prevalent issues in our society today.
Neha, full-time writer
Neha is a rising sophomore at the Overlake School. When not writing for Because it Matters, she researches weird cancer mutations, delivers passionate orations in Speech and Debate, and practices for her sports seasons. She also writes stories of magical lore, prophecies, and adventure. Keep on the lookout for her debut novel, Silver-Tongued Vipers! In the meantime, she strongly encourages you to join the magazine team or enjoy our articles as a reader.
Serena, full-time writer
Serena is a constant writer at Because it Matters and a rising junior at International Community School in Kirkland, WA. She enjoys a variety of activities and clubs, such as HOSA, Key Club, Civics Club, and playing violin with BYSO. In her free time, she can be found fencing, drawing, or wasting time on her phone. Serena hopes that this project will not only educate people, but encourage them to take action.
Kaylee, full-time writer
Kaylee Allen is a rising junior at International Community School in Kirkland, WA. Outside of academics, Kaylee participates in MUN, Green Team, softball and cross country. Whenever she is not stressing over a deadline or an upcoming test, Kaylee enjoys reading. By writing for Because it Matters, Kaylee inspires to bring social justice issues to the front of her readers’ minds.
Diya, full-time writer
I’m Diya, a constant writer for Because It Matters, and I aim to portray my passion for social equity and justice through writing. I am very passionate about health sciences. Here are some fantastic shows to watch: Brooklyn 99, the office, Stranger Things, and The 100.
Andy, full-time writer
Andy is a rising junior at Bellevue high school. Outside of academics, he is in the debate club and is part of a speedskating team. When he is not procrastinating, Andy enjoys learning Computer Science, participating in research and projects for racial and criminal justice reform, and watching basketball. By writing for Because It Matters, he hopes to inspire people to participate in making change.
Medhya, full-time writer
Medhya is a rising Junior at Eastlake High School where she is Co-President of the Speech and Debate team and the founder of the Mock Trial Team. She loves helping people learn about current events and discover new perspectives. If you can't find her aggressively debating with someone, follow the smoke trail to find her (attempt at) baking, playing piano, or sketching. Medhya really enjoys learning new things-- so if you have a suggestion for something she should try out, let her know! pic wfsu
Jehan, part-time writer
Jehan is a junior at Juanita High School in Kirkland, WA. When she’s not fangirling over kpop or listening to the latest music on the charts, she spreads awareness to her friends & family and shares information on social media. Her interests include fashion, music, art, Key Club, swim team, keeping up with the latest clothing trends, & spending time with friends while eating lots of food. She hopes that young adults can band together to end systemic problems in our reality and fight for change.
Shrima, part-time writer
Shrima Narasimhan is a rising sophomore. She has a passion for learning about current events and enjoys writing in her free time. When she isn’t preparing for her next MUN conference, you can find her playing the violin, advocating for community sustainability, eating excessive amounts of chocolate, or binge-watching TV shows. By writing for Because It Matters, Shrima hopes to help bring attention to various global issues and inspire those around her to take action.
Arushi, part-time writer
Arushi is a junior at Juanita High School and co-president of the Model UN club. She is passionate about making a positive change in her community and devotes much of her time to serving those around her. In her free time, you can find Arushi binge-watching her favorite Netflix shows, reading a good book, or baking various dishes and nearly burning her house down. Arushi is thrilled to be part of such a big movement, and will do everything she can to both learn from and teach those around her.
Hailey, part-time writer
Hailey is a junior at International Community School and founder of New Generation, a Christian club at her school. In addition to National History Day projects and studying for SATs, Hailey spends her time playing piano, running, and listening to Hamilton on repeat.
Jessica, part-time writer
Jessica is a rising junior at Lake Washington High School. She is passionate about political sciences and social justice issues. She is currently a member of HOSA and Kang News. Her favorite activities include writing, public speaking and listening to music.
Courtney, part-time writer
Courtney is a rising sophomore at Eastlake High School. She spends her time playing soccer for Crossfire soccer club and her school. She enjoys being involved in several activities at school including Civil Liberties Club and Chamber Orchestra. Courtney loves running, reading, music, and movies.
Ashley, part-time writer
Ashley is a rising junior at Inglemoor High School. Outside of academics, she participates in softball and crew. One of her favorite things to do is to talk about softball, but when she is not talking about softball you can find her reading a book. Ashley loves fantasy football (even though she always loses), reading, and playing with her dog. She is passionate about social change which is why she is so excited to write for Because It Matters.
Mika, part-time writer
Mika is a rising junior in Hamoshva High School in Zichron Yaakov. She enjoys windsurfing, running, and baking. In her spare time you will find her making popcorn, and having heated discussions with her family and friends. She loves talking about the topics she is passionate on, and is more than eager to learn about different issues in society, and the way in which she can help.
Daphne, part-time writer
Daphne is a rising junior at Eastlake High School. She is currently an officer in Key Club, MHS, NEHS, and SHF. She is constantly craving sleep, food, and something to do (which you'll find her often daydream about). She hopes that writing for Because It Matters will encourage others to take action and become involved.
Sarah, part-time writer
Sarah is a rising sophomore at Eastlake High School and a member of DECA. She loves dancing, reading, cooking, playing piano, and exploring nature. She is passionate about writing and hopes to inspire others to join the fight for social justice.
Maya, part-time writer
Maya is a junior at Juanita High School in Kirkland, WA. When they aren’t stressing over school, you will most likely find Maya working on a MUN conference, whether that be researching for a position paper, writing deliverables, or working with their school’s board. In their limited free time, Maya enjoys playing the guitar, going to the gym, and reading autobiographies. Maya hopes that this project will help young adults expand their knowledge and find something they're passionate about.
Halleli, part-time writer
Halleli is a rising junior in Hamoshava High School. Her goal in joining the team of Because It Matters is to write about important topics that will educate others and maybe even influence them to make a change.
Makena, part-time writer
Makena is a rising junior at Lake Washington High School and a member of Beta Club and Link Crew. She enjoys paddle boarding, swimming, writing, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. She wants to pursue a career in marketing and attend a university on the East Coast. She is excited to be a part of this project so that she can help educate people on the issues society is currently facing.
Sharon, publisher
Sharon is a rising junior at International Community School where she enjoys participating in MUN, Key Club, and Yearbook. When outside of school, she is an avid enthusiast of fashion, art, skateboarding, and Animal Crossing.
Jolie, publisher
Jolie is a junior at Tesla STEM. She is the imagery lead of FRC Sushi Squad 7461 and enjoys building robots, drawing, painting, animating, and other miscellaneous art activities.
Anna, publisher
Anna is a senior at Eastlake High School. She is an avid artist and Harry Potter enthusiast. In her free time, she can be found painting, reading, and watching movies.
Mohul, publisher
Mohul just graduated high school and is going to pursue a double major in economics and business. When he's not seen training for track and field, he can be found at lakes hanging out with his friends and playing spikeball. He loves to read books and binge watching Friends.
Annalisa, editor
Annalisa is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Washington planning to pursue dual degrees in Materials Science Engineering and International Affairs. Annalisa has a passion for working with the environment and her local community. When not staring at the ceiling or Calculus homework with similar levels of productivity, Annalisa can be found on multiple streaming services, designing coloring pages, or rollerblading.
Madeleine, editor
Madeleine is a rising senior at the International Community School in Kirkland, WA. She enjoys writing of all forms, reading of all varieties, and long walks in beautiful places. Problem solving is her jam, whether that be through programming robots, analytically modeling problems, or editing articles.
Jasmine, editor
Jasmine is a rising junior at the International Community School whose passion for writing and social justice issues led to her involvement in the Because It Matters team. Jasmine is a dedicated student who values her studies, but she also partakes in leisurely activities such as reading, swimming, and painting in her spare time. She hopes that by being part of the BCIM team, she can help spread awareness on several society issues that currently plague society and must be addressed.
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