The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Article by Angela

Edited by Jasmine and Audrey

Currently there’s a war going on in Yemen and their citizens are experiencing the worst of it, but what makes it worse is that getting help to them is near impossible. Yemen is right now the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Out of a 28.5 million population in Yemen, 24 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid, comprising nearly 84% of the entire country. This includes 12 million children, nearly 18.8 million Yemeni citizens don’t have access to clean water. In addition, the harsh conditions of the Yemen civil war render the population vulnerable for outbreaks of disease, such as cholera and COVID-19. Unfortunately, medicine, food, and general humanitarian aid are unable to reach the places most affected by the war. As a result, the Yemeni people require urgent help.


Current Condition of Yemen

Attacks within Yemen are happening with hospitals, schools and sources for water being destroyed from the crossfire of both sides. This diminishes necessary supplies for citizens like sanitation and emergency supplies. With each hospital demolished by the war, thousands of citizens are losing healthcare. According to the United Nations News, 15,000 people, most of whom have been displaced, have lost or limited healthcare. Citizens who are displaced are those who are moved to different locations. Displaced citizens are moved because those people suddenly have to move due to disastrous circumstances, like earthquakes and hurricanes, and in this case war, famine and a pandemic. They are moved to places where they might find better help and resources. Especially with the Coronavirus pandemic, sufficient healthcare is needed more than ever to help the sick and injured.

Relief Efforts

Many organizations like Islamic Relief USA, International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, and more are making efforts to help the citizens of Yemen, but it still isn’t enough. With attacks from both sides striking public facilities, it makes it harder for those who lost their homes and jobs to seek healthcare, education and help. Although displaced families are being relocated to areas with humanitarian aid, this solution won’t work long-term due to the overwhelming amount of people who need help. Most of the organizations mentioned earlier pour their efforts into rehabilitated water and sanitation sources, medical distribution and other medical resources and getting the people and children the nutrition they need. In addition, other efforts focus on rebuilding safer schools for children so they can receive a proper education.

Take Action

With everything going on around us, it may seem like it’s hard to know where to start but the first step is to make yourself more knowledgeable about what’s going on. Educate yourself more on the situations in Yemen and after that take action. Share posts on Instagram and other social media platforms to educate others as well. The more people that know about this the more help Yemen will get. Donate money to various organizations (listed below). Watch videos on YouTube that donates its revenue to help Yemen. Down here are resources on how you can educate yourself and help Yemen.


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